This class handles all the aspects of animation. Most users will never need to think about this class at all however. The coordinator can be subclassed to customize behaviors if necessary.

The Run method of AnimationKit.Task will use an application-global coordinator if one is not passed in. This global coordinator can be referenced using the AnimationKit.SharedCoordinator method.


Event TaskAdded (Task As AnimationKit.Task)

Triggered after a task has been added to the animation queue.

Event TaskRemoved (Task As AnimationKit.Task)

Triggered after a task has been removed from the animation queue. This will happen for any of the following reasons:


FramesPerSecond As Integer = 60

Allows the developer to customize the performance of the animations. There is a logical maximum of 100 frames per second.


Sub AddTask (Task As AnimationKit.Task)

Adds a task to the coordinator and begins animating it.

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