This task is used to create simple animations for implementors of the AnimationKit.ValueAnimator interface.

A value task does no actual animation, instead providing a simple way for a custom class to implement their own animation without creating a custom AnimationKit.Task subclass.

Value tasks have an identifier property which is used by the implementor to determine what actually needs to change. For example, if an implementor wants to animate an opacity change, the identifier might simply be "opacity".

See the AnimationKit.ValueAnimator interface for an example implementation and usage.


Target As AnimationKit.ValueAnimator, Identifier As Text, StartValue As Double, EndValue As Double

Creates a task for Target with the provided identifier, start value, and end values.


Curve As AnimationKit.Curve = AnimationKit.Curve.CreateLinear()

The timing curve to use for this animation.

DurationInSeconds As Double = 1.0

Number of seconds the animation will require to complete.

EndValue As Double

The final value the task should animate to.

Identifier As Text

The identifier used to instruct the implementor what the value is used for.

StartValue As Double

The beginning value the task should animate from.

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