A Picture subclass which contains an additional high resolution representation.

Shared Methods

Shared Function Open (File As FolderItem) As ArtisanKit.RetinaPicture

Based on the File parameter, searches for a counterpart file in the same directory. For example, if the file is "Icon.png", this method will look for a "Icon@2x.png" sibling. If the file is "Icon@2x.png", the method will search for the "Icon.png" sibling. If a sibling is not found, the provided file will create the sibling by scaling the provided file up or down as necessary.

Shared Function CreateFrom (LowRes As Picture, HiRes As Picture) As ArtisanKit.RetinaPicture

Creates a new ArtisanKit.RetainPicture from the provided LowRes and HighRes parameters.


HiRes As Picture

The high resolution representation.