The ZAZ Artisan Kit

Artisan Kit for Xojo is a module which helps custom control developers get some of the gritty details out of the way, allowing them to focus on the control itself. It handles things like, flicker elimination, pattern fills, and graphic slicing.


Artisan Kit utilizes Xojo API 2 made available in 2019 Release 2. The module will only compile in desktop projects.


Download the Artisan Kit project, open the Artisan Kit.xojo_binary_project file, then copy the ArtisanKit module into the destination project.

Getting Started

Create a subclass of ArtisanKit.Control and notice it is largely similar to the built-in Canvas control. A few differences to be aware of.

Next Steps

The ArtisanKit.Control class has most of the functionality, so start exploring what it can do for your custom controls.